When humankind meets nature, is where our soul finds peace.

Experience the magic.

The Garden of San Giuliano

The enchantment given by a garden is measured according to one’ own perception of beauty. This place has been generated by a desire for harmony and the collaboration with nature. The soul of this place is given by the late Marquis of San Giuliano, Giuseppe and his wife Fiamma. Since 1975 year after year they have planted out of spur enthusiasm and love, enlarging the garden in an organic fashion like parents do with a large family.

The taste for exotic plants which gives the main character to the garden, is the nostalgic memory of a past brasilian life. Giuseppe di San Giuliano spent 7 years of his young adulthood in Brasil where he encountered the generous lushness of an exotic nature for the first time. First loves are never forgotten.

The result of this botanical experiment has many players to be thanked. The collaboration of many people, from the gardeners Marco and Graziano to landscape designer Oliva di Collobiano. Many nurseries, such as Vivai Cuba and Piante Faro have grown the essences that compose this harmony with the help of care takers like Rachel Lamb, who has helped this garden to grow into adulthood.

Like a joyful creature, this lovely garden will continue to grow, gifting beauty to its short and long term guest. As Carlo Rovelli, Italian theoretic Phisicist says, San Giuliano is….. ‘an environment where Space and Time stop being what they are’.