The Story

Sicily’s story has been woven across many centuries by many people, from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, Normans, Arabs, Spanish and the French. All these encounters with different cultures have left their traces clearly visible in the traditions of this incredible island. The influence of these different cultures is expressed in the architecture, the arts and in the temperament of the Sicilian people.

Even here, in the garden of San Giuliano you can breathe the passages of these formidable cultures. The Arabs brought to Sicily the passion for citrus gardens, which are to this day the beating heart of this farm. As new guardians of this treasure, we have the privilege to enjoy its beauty and its gifts in exchange for care and protection.

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The Future

As the new guardians of this paradise we have the responsibility to nurture and protect this garden, but the true challenge will be adding new parts to an already accomplished reality. The importance of keeping in mind Fiamma and Giuseppe’s desire for harmony will give us the blue print to bridge the exotic essence and its agricultural activity. The thought of inviting our guests to wander around the botanical palm collection through its scented path, towards the orange groves will be our next magnificent project.